What do I need to know?

What do I need to know?

< How do I get to Untangled? >

We will meet you downstairs in reception at the NUA St Andrews building on St Andrews Street.

St Andrews House Norwich University of the Arts St Andrews St Norwich NR2 4TP

< What time do I need to be there? >

Please arrive between 9 & 9.30am and you can leave or be picked up between 4.30 and 5pm.

< What will I be doing? >

You will be making fun things using computers. Some of this will be writing code, some of it will be talking, designing, planning, breaking stuff, failing, succeeding and hopefully lots of learning. See some of the examples on the p5.js website to see the type of things you can do.

< What do I need to bring? >

We will be using the computers at NUA so no need to bring your own, they will have everything you need for the course on them. Bring a notepad and pens to help you plan and communicate your ideas.

< What do I do about food? >

Please bring a packed lunch with you unless your parents are happy to let you go into the city to get your own lunch.

< How many other people will be there? >

There will be 13 participants altogether, plus a load of coaches from various arts and tech backgrounds.

< Is there anything I can do to get ready for Untangled? >

We’re going to be using a javascript framework called p5.js, if you want to read about it/see some examples/try it out please have a read of the Creative Coding section.

This is just some basic information to get you started - any further questions just email us at untangled@neontribe.co.uk