About Untangled

< Are you into coding, technology, designing or making things? >

Have you ever made a simple website or even made your own game? Maybe you’ve hacked someone else’s website or game apart and made some of your own changes?

Perhaps you’ve always thought about making one of those apps on your phone that make you look funny or your voice sound weird?

Or maybe you’re into art, music or animation and want to know how to turn your phone into an instrument, or even an animation where the colours are affected by the weather?

Or maybe you’ve sat in an ICT lesson, knowing that you like the subject, but wishing you could do something more fun or creative with it …

< What is Untangled? >

Untangled is a week of experimenting, designing and making using code. This will be a mix of web technology, games, interactive art and using data gathered from the world around you. If you have a mobile phone, this is the one class where you’re definitely encouraged to use it.

The course is run by Neontribe and there will be lots of skilled people who work with art and technology to help you learn and to hopefully to make something that you can show off to your friends and family.

< Who can come? >

Untangled is for 13 - 18 year olds who enjoy working with technology, and might have thought about working with technology in the future.

The best thing about it is that it’s totally free! At Neontribe, we want to help the next generation of programmers to develop and learn and giving back is part of our culture.

< How do I get in touch >

We’ll open applications around Easter 2020. Any questions please email us: untangled@neontribe.co.uk