Creative Coding

Creative Coding

We’re not just looking for people who are already confident programmers, but some previous experience of writing code will help make sure your week is more enjoyable

We will be using a javascript framework called P5.js which you can use to make games, interactive art, animations, musical instruments, physical models, geolocation tools, maps, generative speech and text, the list goes on and on.

< What will I be using? >

We’ll be using a Javascript framework called p5.js. It’s a layer that sits on top of standard Javascript and lets you work with animation, video, sound etc.

You can read more about p5.js here and have a play around with some of the examples

If you like watching video tutorials there are loads on YouTube. Daniel Schiffman’s The Coding Train series is our favourite and a good place to start learning about p5.js.

For further reading you can find the entire The Nature of Code for free online which is a great foundation for any creative coder.

Flocking simulation taken from the p5.js site

You don’t even need a fancy laptop or software to get started, you can just use the the p5.js web editor